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Nicosia & Associates, P.C is an experienced Municipal Law Attorney serving Lowell Massachusetts, Tyngsboro MA, Haverhill MA, Nashua NH and surrounding areas.

What is Municipal Law?

By definition, municipal law is the domestic, national, or internal law of a sovereign state that is in opposition to international law. Municipal law includes law at the national level, state level, provincial level, territorial level, and even at regional and local levels. International law treats all laws the same while state laws may have distinct categories of law. Also, international law does not see a difference in a state’s ordinary law and its constitutional law.

Municipal law also refers to the specific laws within a municipality, such as the municipal code, bylaws, ordinances, and other regulations. This law is usually established by a governing body within the municipality for the purpose of maintaining public order and running the municipality smoothly.

Our Experience

Nicosia & Associates, P.C. in Lowell, MA and Nashua, NH have experience in all levels of municipal law. We pride ourselves on providing hands on service and result oriented work in this field of the law.  The principal of the firm also has actual political experience and is accustomed to dealing with the unique aspects of town and city government and how they operate. We pride ourselves on providing hands on service and result oriented work in this field of the law. We are not afraid to dig in and help our clients get the recognition and representation that they deserve. We know how to cut through the bureaucracy of government.

As you can see, municipal law can be a comprehensive legal area that requires the help of an experienced attorney, like Nicosia & Associates, P.C. Our law offices in Lowell, MA and Nashua, NH area have experience working with all levels of government in the area of municipal law specifically in the Nashua, New Hampshire or Lowell, Massachusetts areas, as well as all of all of Southern New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts.

What to Expect

When you hire Nicosia & Associates, P.C. Attorneys At Law to help you understand municipal law in Lowell, MA and Nashua, NH area or to represent you in this field, you will notice right away that this practice puts clients first and foremost, always keeping communication lines open. We are a hands-on team that is results driven.

If you live in the Nashua, New Hampshire or Lowell, Massachusetts areas, we’d love to help you with anything concerning municipal law. Although each state has different laws, we are proficient in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts municipal law. We service all of Southern New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts.

Nicosia & Associates, P.C. Attorneys At Law provide representation in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine for individuals and businesses seeking counsel before:

  • Land Use Development, Permitting and Licensing
  • Business Use Development, Permitting and Licensing
  • Variances, Special Permits and Subdivisions
  • Liquor, Lottery and other Licenses
  • Entertainment Licenses
  • Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission
  • Grandfathered Uses and Structures
  • Litigation against Cities and Towns
  • Boards of Selectmen
  • Boards of Aldermen
  • City Councils
  • Zoning Boards of Appeals
  • Zoning Boards of Adjustment
  • School Committee
  • Personnel Matters
  • Planning Boards
  • Board of Health
  • Water Districts and Departments
  • Sewer Commissions
  • Community Preservation
  • Town Meeting and Warrant Articles
  • Zoning Changes
  • Employment and Collective Bargaining Contracts
  • Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection
  • Conservation Commissions
  • Inspectional Department Meetings
  • License Hearings
  • Administrative State and Federal Agencies
  • Appeals of Town and/or City Decisions to District, State and Federal Courts

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