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Nicosia & Associates, P.C.  provides experienced representation to buyers, sellers, real estate brokers and financial institutions in residential real estate matters throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire.
Your needs may be as simple as preparation of a deed to sell your home, reviewing a purchase & sales agreement, preparation of a declaration of homestead, or as complex as the purchase and development of a large scale residential development.

We can also litigate real estate and municipal matters as necessary. We also provide representation of persons and businesses such as zoning, conservation, planning, selectmen and board of health issues.  Our real estate practice dovetails often into municipal law. We offer competitive rates and have the staff and computer technology necessary to handle a large volume of work.
Here is a partial list of the financial institutions that we have represented:

Accubank Mortgage Co.Homestead Funding Cop.
American Home LoansH&R Block Mortgage
AM Trust BankHunneman Mortgage Corporation
Andover BankIndependence One Mortgage Corp.
Assurance Mortgage Corp.Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union
Bank of AmericaLong Beach Mortgage
Bank of New HampshireLowell Coop Bank
Banknorth MortgageMass Mortgage Company
Centerpoint BankNorth American Mortgage
Citizen’s Mortgage Corp.Merrimack Mortgage Company
Citizens BankNationwide Mortgage
CFX BankNorth Atlantic Mortgage Company
Countrywide FundingNorthern Bank & Trust Company
Cornerstone MortgageNorwest Mortgage Corporation
Digital Federal Credit UnionOld Kent Mortgage
Dovenmuhle MortgageOld Republic Bank Corp.
Enterprise Bank & Trust CompanyOmega Mortgage Corporation
Equicredit Corp.Option One Mortgage Company
Family Bank, FSBPlymouth Mortgage Company
Federal Home Loan Mortgage AssociationRepublic Bancorp Mortgage
Federal Home Loan Mortgage CorporationSalem Five Mortgage Company
First Eastern Mortgage Corp.Schaefer Mortgage Corp.
First Mass Savings BankSecurity Pacific Financial Services, Inc.
Fitchburg Savings Bank, FSBTaylor Bean & Whitaker
GE Capital MortgageUS Trust Company
GMAC Mortgage CorporationValue Mortgage
Greenpoint MortgageWells Fargo

The Attorneys at Nicosia & Associates, P.C. understands that real estate, financing, development and ownership can be a very simple process and we also realize that it can become complex without warning. We understand the stresses of buying and selling your home.  It is not uncommon for a simple real estate transaction to turn into a nightmare needing continued attention from a qualified attorney. It is these times that clients turn to their attorney to find a resolution to the problem so that the transaction can be completed or that an ongoing dispute can be resolved. Our experience in all areas of real estate law allows us to help our clients in Lowell MA and Nashua NH resolve issues as they come along quickly and as painless as possible.

Our ability to stay in constant communication with our clients and each attorney’s hands on approach to dealing with the circumstances is what allows us to achieve results quickly and effectively. We handle a challenge well and in fact thrive under pressure making it easy for us to tackle even the most tangled of real estate difficulties and negotiations. Litigation being something we excel at gives our clients the edge should the real estate law issue be elevated to that level.

The ability of Nicosia & Associates, P.C. Attorneys at Law to stay on top of issues that arise through our state of the art computer technology and very experience and congenial paralegal staff keeps us ahead of the game in closing and litigation situations and allows us provide top notch service to our clients. Whether you are faced with untangling a title knot or you have a complicated bit of hoop jumping to do with your local community for building purposes, we can get your to the results you need quickly and with quality work. Under estimating the value of an attorney with experience and tenacity in your corner during a real estate transaction could create a situation requiring lengthy attempts at resolution.

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The law firm of Nicosia & Associates, P.C. serves Merrimack Valley businesses, families and individuals for Business Law, Construction Law, Real Estate Law, Condominium Law, Civil Litigation, Estate Planning, Municipal, Law and Personal Injury Law in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, including such communities as Lowell MA Chelmsford MA, Tewksbury MA, Methuen MA, Dracut MA, Dunstable MA, Townsend MA, Pepperell MA, Tyngsboro MA, Westford MA, Acton MA, Littleton MA, Concord MA, Carlisle MA, Lawrence MA, Groton MA, Haverhill MA, Andover MA, North Andover MA, Billerica MA, Worcester MA, Burlington MA, Wilmington MA, Nashua NH, Pelham NH, Hudson, NH Salem NH, Manchester NH Middlesex County, Essex County, Suffolk County, Hillsborough County, Merrimack County, Belknap County and Rockingham County, Worcester MA and Boston MA.